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United Grease & Lubricants Co. LLC with its brand name 'SCOPE' was established in the year 2001. The plant has undergone a series of developments and expansion and is now one of the most technologically advance plants in the middle east.


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Brake Oil is a hydraulic fluids used in hydraulic brakes and hydraulic clutch. It is used to transfer force into pressure, and to amplify braking force. It works because liquids are not appreciably compressible. ear Oil is a lubricant used designed to protect vital components, including the gears and bearings in the drive axles and differentials, transmissions, industrial gear boxes and power take-off units. Gear oil generally has a higher viscosity for easier distribution and protection through the entire gear set.
When it comes to lubricants, especially for axles, the stance among fleet owners and operators has traditionally been that thicker viscosity is better. After all, thick lubricants do protect. Gear oil must protect critical hardware within the axle while operating in extremely demanding conditions.
For reliable, consistent brake system operation, brake fluid must maintain a constant viscosity under a wide range of temperatures, including extreme cold.

What quality standards does Scope Lubricants maintain as brake oil manufacturers in UAE?
Scope Lubricants adheres to stringent quality standards, manufacturing brake fluids that ensure safety and reliability for vehicles across the UAE.

How does Scope Lubricants establish itself as one of the top brake fluid manufacturers?
Scope Lubricants’ brake fluids meet top-tier standards, ensuring optimal braking performance and safety in vehicles across Dubai.