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United Grease & Lubricants Co. LLC with its brand name 'SCOPE' was established in the year 2001. The plant has undergone a series of developments and expansion and is now one of the most technologically advance plants in the middle east.


Category: Industrial Lubricants

Industrial lubricants are basically defined as components like fluids, greases, and liquids. They are used in a large variety of equipment and applications. Most industrial lubricants include synthetic lubricants, emulsions, petroleum or mineral oils. The lubricants are ideal because of its properties.
You will find all high quality, high performance lubricants from Scope lubricants. Our wide portfolio of industrial lubricants includes e.g. different type of industrial oils and greases for many different, challenging and advanced applications. We also provides food grade greases for food and packaging industry needs. We carry lubricants for wide temperature range from heat transfer oils to refrigeration oils. We is also distributor of biodegradable products. Our products are easily available, and can be delivered directly to your manufacturing site.
Our experts provide you with oil analysis services to determine how to best optimize your lubrication management system, and how to choose the right way of lubrication. We also help you with questions regarding environmental safety, and provide training and consultations.
We are committed to finding solutions for all industrial lubrication needs you might have.

Why trust Scope Lubricants as hydraulic lubricant oil suppliers in the UAE?
Scope Lubricants supplies superior hydraulic lubricant oils, ensuring efficient and reliable performance for hydraulic systems across the UAE.

What guarantees Scope Lubricants’ hydraulic oil lubricants as the highest quality in Dubai?
Scope Lubricants’ hydraulic oil lubricants meet stringent standards, offering top-notch quality and reliability for diverse hydraulic applications in Dubai.

What makes Scope Lubricants stand out among hydraulic oil dealers?
Scope Lubricants is distinguished by its comprehensive range of high-quality hydraulic oils, tailored to suit various hydraulic systems in industries like manufacturing, construction, and automotive. These oils prioritize efficient operation, minimize wear, and ensure exceptional performance even in extreme conditions.

What distinguishes Scope Lubricants as suppliers of hydraulic oils?
Scope Lubricants, as a trusted suppliers, offers premium hydraulic oils, ensuring smooth operation and longevity of hydraulic systems.

How does Scope Lubricants cater to the demand for hydraulic oils?
Scope Lubricants delivers high-grade hydraulic oils, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and longevity for hydraulic systems.

Why trust Scope Lubricants as a nearby hydraulic oil suppliers?
Scope Lubricants, as a local supplier, offers top-notch hydraulic oils, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for machinery and systems.

How does Scope Lubricants excel as a hydraulic oil manufacturer?
Scope Lubricants excels in manufacturing high-quality hydraulic oils, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and performance for various applications.

What advantages do Scope Lubricants provide with its industrial gear oils in the UAE?
Scope Lubricants industrial gear oils deliver exceptional performance and durability, meeting the stringent demands of diverse machinery in the UAE.

How does Scope Lubricants cater to industrial gear oil needs worldwide?
Scope Lubricants supplies top-grade industrial gear oils worldwide, ensuring robust performance and extended equipment life for industries in African region, east Asia, south Asia, CIS region and East European regions.

What benefits can be expected from Scope Lubricants’ industrial gear oils?
Scope’s industrial gear oils offer superior protection and efficiency, ensuring smooth operations for various industrial applications.

What makes Scope Lubricants a reliable supplier of compressor oils in the UAE?
Scope Lubricants provides high-quality compressor oils, ensuring efficiency and durability for air compressor systems in the UAE.

How does Scope Lubricants cater to the compressor oil needs in Dubai?
Scope Lubricants supplies premium compressor oils, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliability for diverse compressor systems in Dubai.

What sets Scope Lubricants apart as a compressor oil supplier?
Scope Lubricants, as a trusted supplier, offers top-grade compressor oils, ensuring peak performance and longevity for various compressor systems.