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United Grease & Lubricants Co. LLC with its brand name 'SCOPE' was established in the year 2001. The plant has undergone a series of developments and expansion and is now one of the most technologically advance plants in the middle east.


Category: Automatic Transmission Fluids

Transmission oil is an oil utilized intended to ensure essential parts, remembering the pinion wheels and direction for the drive axles and differentials, transmissions, mechanical stuff boxes and power take-off units. Stuff oil by and large has a higher consistency for simpler dispersion and insurance through the whole stuff set.
With regards to oils, particularly for axles, the position among armada proprietors and administrators has generally been that thicker consistency is better. All things considered, thick greases do secure. Stuff oil should secure basic equipment inside the pivot while working in incredibly requesting conditions.

What makes Scope Lubricants transmission fluid stand out?
Scope Lubricant’s high-performance transmission fluids include the best in line, DEXRON II, DEXRON III, and DEXRON VI which guarantees optimal functionality and protection, meeting the stringent demands of various applications.

What advantages does Scope’s automatic transmission fluid offer?
Scope Lubricant offers superior quality automatic transmission fluid meeting General Motors GM Dexron III Specifications. Ensure seamless performance and enhanced protection, that satisfies the latest requirements of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.